Saturday 9th November 2019

Rupert Stockwin – Mechanical Circus

Hatherleigh Carnival is a magnificent display of floats and is famously recognised for the crepe paper tableaux that are created by local groups of people and help make the carnival so successful. Many of the families involved have been for generations and take great pride in assembling them, cutting, sticking, making, and building in the months leading up to the day of the carnival.

There are also a growing number of artistically decorated floats that do not use crepe paper but rely on well made wooden or steel structures which are then painted, and the participants learn dance and/or comedy routines to entertain the crowds.

There are 8 classes for tableaux’s to enter in the evening procession including local crepe paperwith mechanically moving parts or non-moving parts, New Decorated, Comic and many visitor’s classes, and also 8 classes to enter for walking guys of all ages and group sizes. Thus making the wide range of entries seen passing the streets of Hatherleigh on Carnival Day.

The carnival is also famous for the Blazing Tar Barrels that are pulled by a team of sub-committee members, one set being pulled ablaze through the streets at 5.00am on the morning of the Carnival and the other after the main procession in the evening.

The flaming tar barrels. Rupert Stockwin Photography

The flaming tar barrels. Rupert Stockwin Photography

2012-11-10 05.11.18The festivities begin on the Friday evening before the carnival when the two sets of barrels are pulled, unlit, by the children of the town and surrounding areas, from Bridge Street to Oakfield road ready for the morning barrel run. They continue throughout the Saturday after the first set of Blazing Barrels with Eggesford Hunt meeting, a Town Crier Competition and the Afternoon Procession led by the Carnival Royalty.