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Chairman’s Message 2015

Thank you for looking at our programme, and I hope you have noticed the changes made that will improve safety and clarity but also maintain the tradition and history of YOUR carnival.

This year we have started the process of moving the carnival proceedings away from the Market and we are trying to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. I am always mindful of the heritage and history of the carnival and to uphold the ethos of what makes Hatherleigh carnival unique. We, as a committee, are determined to protect our event for future generations and safeguard the community spirit which is slowly disappearing in other towns and villages.

As you may be aware, this year’s carnival president Mrs Gill Davis passed away suddenly in August. On a personal note, Gill has been involved with many of the floats that the Reddaway, Davis and Entwistle families have presented over the last 20 years and Helen and I have spent many a cold night in the first week of November where: ‘That will do’’ was not a phrase that was acceptable, however late in the evening! Gill was looking forward to being president like her father was in the 1970s. Both of Gill’s daughters, Natalie and Hannah, have been either Princess or Queen and Natalie is now treasurer for the carnival and a float builder herself following in her mum’s footsteps.

The carnival has also lost another big character, Mr Brian Doidge. Brian (Basil), with his larger than life personality, was always at the front leading the way through the procession, making sure that everyone was safe, but also having a good time. Brian was always willing to help throughout the carnival year to ensure the legacy of the tar barrels continued.

The committee send their condolences to both families and Gill and Brian will be missed by the carnival family.

Even though this is a time of reflection, I am sure that Gill and Brian would want us to keep the spirit of Hatherleigh Carnival alive and burning bright.
I look forward to seeing you all over the carnival weekend

Mark Reddaway

CommitteeChairman’s Message 2015