Terms & Conditions – Hatherleigh Carnival 2024 Colour Run

Before registering for this event, please read through the following terms and conditions carefully.




  1. The following terms involve The Colour Run (TCR), and its participants and include registration to events organised by Hatherleigh Carnival and participants consent to these terms.
  2. TCR and Hatherleigh Carnival are not responsible for participants health during or after the event, nor are TCR, Hatherleigh Carnival, its sponsors or
    volunteers responsible for any damage, physical or financial, that runners may incur due to participation.
  3. Individuals registering and paying for other participants authorise TCR and its organisers Hatherleigh Carnival to use registration information provided for the purposes of administering the race and ensuring race safety.
  4. In order to register and pay for a ticket to participate in Hatherleigh Carnival 2023 Colour Run, you must accept the these terms and conditions.
  5. By accepting these terms and conditions and purchasing the ticket(s) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, and the terms of the liability waiver for each named ticket holder on the order.
  6. It is the responsibility of individuals registering and paying for other participants to present the terms and conditions to the participants they are registering on behalf of.
  7. It is the responsibility of individuals registering and paying for other participants to present the liability waiver to the participants they are registering on behalf of.
  8. All pictures or video footage of participants, captured by TCR may be used for promotional purposes.
  9. TCR can review and change these terms due to unexpected reasons such as national disasters or weather. Any changes will be presented to the participants via email.
  10. Refunds and exchanges are not available on the event, if you are unable to attend an event you may transfer your ticket to another participant, but in doing so you must notify the event stewards during check-in.
  11. If an event is postponed due to extreme circumstances, registration fees are not refunded and the event will be rescheduled.




  • As runners you have a responsibility to do your best to prevent harm to yourselves, your running partners and/or members of the public.
  • It should be acknowledged that as runners you owe a duty of care to not wilfully injure yourselves or others by your negligent acts.
  • Running, however safely organised, carries a certain amount of risk and those taking part in any running event need to be aware of those risks in order to minimise and accept them.
  • Much can be done in preparation before running to ensure that the risks are foreseeable and are appropriately managed.
  • TCR uses a number of on and off-road running circuits, with variations on these to extend or reduce the distance of the runs. TCR will informally assess these routes on a constant basis and will make changes to the routes where it is felt that safety may be improved.
  • TCR also relies on you, the runners, to report any problems encountered whilst running these routes. For example, damaged pavements, potholes, poor visibility etc.
  • Runners must inform TCR volunteers or another person within the group, if they are taking an alternative route or leaving the group. Ideally this should be agreed in advance of the start of the run.
  • All runners are expected to look out for each other at all times.
  • Runners are expected to note the condition of surfaces and to warn other runners of any trip hazards or obstructions as the session progresses. For example, kerbs, unevenness and dips in pavement, potholes, raised service covers etc.
  • Runners should warn other runners regarding traffic.
  • Runners are advised to ignore any verbal abuse from pedestrians and any confrontation should be avoided.
  • Hydrate properly before, during and after running.




  • Route Selection: Multiple pre-determined routes have been established for the colour run, these routes have been designated as appropriate for the Colour Run, with pre-determined colour throwing stations along the route.
  • Colour Powder: Colour powder must be: non-toxic, comprised only of corn starch, baking soda, and FD&C or D&C grade dyes. Only colour POWDER can be used – colour blasters, colour foam, or any type of spray colour is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.




  • Only use powder outdoors, in open, well-ventilated areas.
  • Powder should never be thrown near open flames (grills, smoking) or near high heat sources (stage lights, electronic equipment).
  • A water or dry chemical fire extinguisher is required on-site – never use a C02 (carbon dioxide) extinguisher for outside dust fires.
  • Only hand-thrown, powder form colour may be used – never use spray powder of any kind.
  • Powder should never be thrown toward a runner’s face – target shirt and lower.
  • Colour should only be thrown in the designated areas; colours should NEVER be thrown near stage lighting, vendor booths, or other possible ignition sources




  • Protect feet with closed toe shoes
  • Protect eyes with sunglasses or goggles
  • Protect mouth with a bandana or dust mask
  • Protect electronics in plastic bags or plastic wrap
  • Protect light coloured hair with leave-in conditioner or oil (coconut/olive)